Community Supported Agriculture

csa, farm shares, vegetable boxes

Our 2022 CSA program will run mid-July through January.

We are excited to bring you fresh, nutritious vegetables!

Order our CSA here.

This year's selection will include:
· Lettuce
· Spinach
· Blueberries
· Strawberries
· Tomatoes
· Squash- yellow & green (soft)
· Peppers- bell, cubanelle, sweet, long hots, jalapeño
· Sweet corn
· Eggplant
· Cucumber- pickles & common
· Cabbage
· Melons- cantaloupe, watermelon
· Carrots
· Cauliflower
· Broccoli
· Beets
· Turnips
· Onions
· Squash- acorn, butternut, buttercup (hard)
· Rutabaga
· Parsnips
· Pumpkins
· Ornamental gourds & colored corn

While we are not certified organic, we are pesticide-averse meaning we only use minimum risk applications during especially difficult or wet seasons. Our produce is hand-picked, washed, and ready for consumption.